The aim of a hair salon design can differ dramatically from one salon to the next. Whether your salon is a boutique offering or part of a larger branded franchise, Stunning Creations has you covered. Whether you wish to convey elegance, opulence, eccentricity or a vibrant culture within your salon, we can help you create an interior hair salon design to suit your vision.

When launching a salon, one needs to think of how you want your services reflected both in your brand and the space in which you will operate. Even small spaces can give the illusion of being spacious when designed properly. In order to capitalise on the salon space, you will need a unique design which will lure customers into your salon and retain them after their experience.

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Hair salons are renowned for customer loyalty which is determined by factors such as branding, location and expertise. Allow Stunning Creations to work on designing a branded interior which will invoke feelings of loyalty and belonging when clients enter your salon.
Your design is in good hands.


Hair salons literally work on the premise of improving one’s appearance and this sentiment should be reflected in the interior design. The styling of a salon is crucial to the experience that it offers. Hair salons do not only offer styling solutions and haircare products, but a sense of pampering and leisure. Clients have certain expectations based on your brand and we incorporate this into our creative process in order to produce spot-on interior designs.

Whether you own a barber shop, boutique hair salon or a retail giant salon, Stunning Creations can create a bespoke concept which includes the best in innovation, excellence and quality. Designing custom layouts that engage and inspire clients to return is our business. Allow us to help yours.


Working with different clients means working with different design styles or themes. We adapt to the theme chosen and make it our own when designing. If you want a minimalistic look – we can make that happen. If you want a rustic feel, we can bring this vision to life. Our designs can accommodate any aesthetic or styling requirement. Please contact our team to set up a consultation.