An elegant salon design should focus on an air of tranquillity, serenity and luxury in order to relax and rejuvenate their clientele. These upmarket establishments need a specific and tailored interior design concept which exudes quality and sophistication. Health and beauty salons rely on stylish and tasteful interiors in order to communicate their brand effectively and to provide an atmosphere of renewal and revitalisation. Stunning Creations can assist with an expertly crafted salon design which will convey the brand’s identity as well as charm its clients.


Stunning Creations is synonymous with high-end interior designs specifically fit for salons of any type. A good design concept for a beauty salon should dominate the customer’s salon journey by focusing on soliciting feelings of joy and peace, while at the same time prompting them to schedule more treatments or purchase salon products.
Your design is in good hands.


    Product display elements should be tastefully and strategically arranged to attract the buyer’s attention and encourage them to purchase the product. Design elements affecting the mood of the buyer include lighting, colour and texture. Stunning Creations understands this concept and we apply it to our salon designs in subtle and creative ways.


    Salons are busy establishments, especially in warmer months, which is why we consider the elements when designing an interior space. We use appropriate materials for high-use areas and ensure that the aesthetic features are not skimped on to accommodate strong materials. Whether your space requires ventilation, water pressure, plumbing or adequate power outlets – we have thought of it all! We have been in this business for a long time, which is why you can rely on our expertise.


    Meeting your client’s expectations starts with your interior design and service offering. Your salon should convey the theme that your clientele will associate with your brand from their very first visit. If you want your clients to associate your business with luxury, tranquillity, boldness or chic style – you can convey this message through the branding and décor of your space. Ask Stunning Creations to help design your desired salon space.